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Other leisure activities Seville has to offer are its numerous cinemas, some of which show undubbed films with subtitles. Most showcases are multi-cinema halls, though there still remains one of the "before" cinemas, the Cine Cervantes, once an old theatre.

On certain days ticket prices are cheaper: Wednesdays are general discount days, while Thursdays are special price days for couples. There are also scheduled sessions when prices are lower, such as midnight showings, known as sesión golfa.

Sevilla´s main cinemas:

Ábaco Cines (12 salas)
Centro Comercial Carrefour, Camas (Sevilla)

Alameda Multicines (5 salas)

Alameda de Hércules 9-10. Tel: 954380157 / 954915762

Alcampo Multicines (10 salas)

Ronda del Tamarguillo. Tel: 954380157 / 954657180

Al-andalus Multicines (15 salas)

Centro Megaocio. Tel: 954789059

Aljarafe Multicines (10 salas)

Parque Comercial Aljarafe. Tel: 954150000

Arcos Multicines (12 salas)

Los Arcos. Tel: 954380157 / 954254488

Avenida Cinco Cines V.O. Europa Cinemas . (5 salas)

Marqués de Paradas, 15. Tel: 954293025


c/ Amor de Dios. Tel: 954380157 / 954915681

Cinematógrafos Corona Centre Europa Cinemas (2 salas)

c/ Salado, Pagés del Corro y Paraíso. Tel: 954380157/ 954278064

Cine El Mirador (8 salas)

Avenida Kansas City s/n (frente a Estación Santa Justa). Tel: 954577220

Nervión Plaza (20 salas)

C.C . Nervión Plaza. Avda. Luis de Morales. Tel: 954426193.
Cines Warner Lusomundo (6 salas)
Plaza de Armas. Tel: 954915432