Alquiler de apartamentos en Sevilla

Entertainment & Culture

Complementary Atractions

Aside from a rich and valuable historic-artistic patrimony, Seville provides a wide range of complementary attractions for adults and children.

Within the city lies the Isla Mágica (Magic Island), a Theme Park set in 16th C Seville, the period of the Discovery of America. It offers a large number of rides and attractions, amongst which we recommend the Jaguar, a roller coaster with 360º turns and breathtaking drops.

Feel like taking a swim? Try the Parque Acuático Aquopolis Sevilla (waterpark) with various attractions such as the Black Hole, or other smooth runs, winding toboggans, kamikazes, a fresh water beach and the chance to use hydro petal boats.

Children can romp at one of our numerous children’s parks such as, New Park, Camelot Park, Chiqui Park, Puerto Perico or Playpark.

In the surrounding beautiful villages of the Province visit parks while being in contact with nature. The Reserva Natural del Castillo de las Guardas (natural reserve) provides a chance to see different ecosystems, and close to one thousand semi-free animals from the five continents. The animal reserve, “Tronco de Aragón”, is the home of native animals and a collection of felines, birds and mammals also from the five continents.

In the town of Guillena visit the Mundo Park, which is divided into various parts: botanical gardens, a zoo, theme park, bonsai collection, rides and shows.

In Carmona visit the Parque Zoológico, which has animals from various continents, including the Iberian Lynx, a species which is almost extinct.