Alquiler de apartamentos en Sevilla

Entertainment & Culture


Seville is a cheerful capital, passionate about life and has a lively nightlife thanks to its climate and people. There are many different activities to choose from. Nightlife areas are classified depending on the season of the year. People tend to go out to a specific place according to this seasonal factor.

In the fall and winter people tend to go out more to the centre of the city. In general however there is always plenty of nightlife available. Bars, pubs and nightclubs can be found in all sections of central town. It's the main hot spot for entertainment and fun, with all types of choices. Within the centre there are different areas to choose from: Arenal, Barrio de Santa Cruz, with its typical wine bars Alfalfa, the Plaza del Salvador, an area that attracts large crowds, and the Alameda section which offers a more alternative environment.

The neighborhood of Triana is a quarter with a lot of character, especially along calle Betis (street). Here one can find flamenco music bars as well as places which play more modern music. Los Remedios is another area that has great bars. Also the Nervión district provides a wide range of pubs and discos for people of all ages; another wonderful night spot.
If you're looking for a University age area for fun, check out Reina Mercedes, home of most of the faculties. The Isla de Cartuja, fairgrounds of Expo '92, also offers plenty of bars and hot spots.

Most of the mentioned areas are frequented also during spring and early summer, yet when the heat of the sun arrives, the best places for marcha (action - good time) can be found along the river where a large number of bars, terraces, kiosks and outdoor discos are set up. This area is from the Parque de María Luisa (park) to the Puente de la Barqueta (bridge). Here the air is cooler and inviting; one can enjoy the lovely Sevillian nights along these banks.

Seville offers a wide variety of night spots, ranging from bars with Sevillana music, "our" traditional music, pubs, discotheques, life music, beer and/or wine bars, Irish pubs, salsa dancing, etc.

In Seville, fun is guaranteed; you'll have a great time.