Alquiler de apartamentos en Sevilla

Entertainment & Culture


Seville presently has theatres and cultural centers that have permitted the Andalusian capital to enter in a circuit of international theatre, opera and orchestra companies.

The Teatro Lope de Vega was built for the 1929 Latin American Exposition, forming part of the Exposition's Casino of the Seville Pavilion. Today, and after thorough remodelling it houses musical and theatrical performances.

The Teatro Central and the Teatro de la Maestranza were also inherited from a World's Fair, in this case Expo '92. The first is located on the Cartuja Island, offering vanguard theatrical and musical performances. Programming includes influences such as classical and temporary theatre, jazz, rock and flamenco with its Flamenco Viene del Sur series.

The Teatro de la Maestranza offers performances which vary from dance, opera, zarzuela (light opera) and classical concerts with interventions from the Royal Symphonic Orchestra of Seville.

The Auditorio (Auditorium) is an open air theatre where large event concerts are held throughout most of the year due to Seville's mild climate.